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Makarov hails from Thuringia/Germany and has been djing since the early 90s. Influenced by broadcasts from radio station DT64 and early parties in the club 'Cassablana' in Jena, 'Loge' in Erfurt or the 'Factory', the future 'Aufschwung Ost'/'Stammheim', he quicky developed his love for electronic music from Chicago and Detroit. He held parties in Thuringia from 94 to 99 in different locations between Mühlhausen and Erfurt. Amongt them different party sequels like 'Slipstream' in Kantine Club Erfurt with the motto ''Only Djanes' with guests like Ellen Allien, Electric Indigo and Jana Clemen. With his series ''Club Fantastic'' he has had occasional parties since 99 in Berlin, for example in 'Schnabelbar' and 'Sanatorium 23'. 'Club Fantastic' reflects his musical passion as Dr. Makarov - Oldschool, Acid House, Chicago, Italo Dance, 80s Dance Music. In Berlin he hit the decks in different locations, amongst them Tresor, Globus, Eimer, Maria, Golden Gate, Waldohreule, Frühschoppen. Musically he's presently settled between Deep House and Detroit Techno, always funky, from spacy deep to dark.

Events with Makarov

19.05.2012 Futura @ Palomabar
_ Estimulo, Makarov

13.03.2012 Futura @ Maria Peligro
_ Estimulo, Makarov

24.02.2012 Futura @ Mein Haus Am See
_ Estimulo, Maciej Szalonek, Makarov

18.02.2012 Futura @ Palomabar
_ Estimulo, Maciej Szalonek, Makarov

17.02.2012 Futura @ Twen FM Clubnacht @ Twen FM
_ Estimulo, Maciej Szalonek, Makarov

14.02.2012 Futura @ Maria Peligro
_ Estimulo, Maciej Szalonek, Makarov

20.01.2012 Futura @ Mein Haus Am See
_ Estimulo, Maciej Szalonek, Makarov

17.12.2011 Futura @ Chez Jacki
_ Traxx (Nation / Chicago), Richard Zepezauer (nsyde), Estimulo, Makarov

08.12.2011 Futura @ Slim Media Week @ S.K. Robinson
_ Estimulo, Makarov

01.12.2011 Futura Radio Show @ Sweat Lodge Radio
_ Makarov

21.11.2011 Futura @ Mein Haus Am See
_ Estimulo, Makarov

03.11.2011 Futura Radio Show @ Sweat Lodge Radio
_ Makarov

16.09.2011 Futura @ Twen FM
_ Estimulo, Maciej Szalonek, Makarov

15.09.2011 Futura Radio Show @ Sweat Lodge Radio
_ Makarov

09.09.2011 Futura @ Chez Jacki
_ Kuba Sojka (Mathematics / Matrix Detroit / Souliner Records), Natalia K & Alex (Cortelyou Road Recordings), Makarov

23.07.2011 Futura @ ://about blank
_ Snuff Crew (Skylax / Snuff Trax), Hardrock Striker (Skylax), Prosumer (OstGut Ton / Panorama Bar Resident), Estimulo, Maciej Szalonek, Makarov

16.06.2011 Futura Radio Show @ Sweat Lodge Radio
_ Estimulo, Makarov

03.06.2011 Futura @ ://about blank
_ Rune Lindbæk (Noid / Smalltown Supersound / Full Pupp), Filippo "Naughty" Moscatello (Cookies / Berlin Machine), Knueppel (Happy Station), Simoncino (Skylax / Mathematics / No More Hits), Christophe Degars, Estimulo, Maciej Szalonek, Makarov

05.05.2011 Futura @ Palomabar
_ DJ Xing, Makarov

25.03.2011 Futura @ ://about blank
_ Fabrice Lig (R&S / F Communications / Versatile), Kuba Sojka (Mathematics / Matrix Records), DJ Xing, Makarov

05.03.2011 Futura @ Palomabar
_ Maciej Szalonek, Makarov

19.02.2011 Futura 3 Years Birthday Party @ Champagneria
_ Loganic (Visible Rhythm), Christophe Degars, Estimulo, Maciej Szalonek, Makarov, Martin Tews

08.01.2011 Marshall Jefferson presented by Futura, Get Deep, Homopatik & Night in Motion @ ://about blank
_ Marshall Jefferson (Trax), Nano + DJ Smooth (Get Deep), Maciej Szalonek + Makarov (Futura), Johannes Vogel + Spule Bywerk (Night in Motion), Jessamine (://about blank), Moritz + Michael Nadje + Special Performer (Homopatik)

23.10.2010 Futura @ ://about blank
_ Gerd Janson (Robert Johnson / Running Back), Keith Worthy (Aesthetic Audio / Detroit), Makarov, Martin Tews

07.10.2010 Futura @ Palomabar
_ Estimulo, Makarov

28.08.2010 Total Blackout @ Tresor
_ Yapacc (live), Dirt Crew, Lee Jones, Chymera, DJ Flush, Makarov

21.08.2010 Keep/On Open Air @ Grenzallee (Sconto Sign)
_ Estimulo, Makarov, Maciej Szalonek, Christophe Degars, Jochen Otto, DJ Xing, Martin Tews, Patrick Reddy (Kleine Reise)

18.05.2010 No More Less @ Chez Jacki
_ Estimulo, Makarov, Cem Orlow, Dekay, Stübl Twins

25.02.2010 White Cube @ ZMF
_ Tomtomgroove, Cem Orlow, Dekay, Makarov

30.10.2009 Club Fantastic @ Diller
_ Estimulo, Makarov

25.09.2009 Club Fantastic @ Diller
_ Estimulo, Makarov

14.08.2009 Futura @ Diller
_ Tomtomgroove (Polyfon/ Konsequenz), Estimulo (Estimuloshow), Makarov (Estimuloshow), Maciej Szalonek

25.07.2009 Keep/on Open Air @ Grenzallee (Sconto Sign)
_ Nick Solé (Mojuba Rec.), Makarov (Estimuloshow), Maciej Szalonek (futura), Christophe Degars (Keep/On), Jochen Otto (Keep/On)